Nearly five decades ago, late Mr. Y. N. Chaphekar had a tryst with destiny and thus begun the success story of the " CHAPHEKAR GROUP " in the year 1958.

A dreamer of the same time a pragmatist with an adventurous streak in him, he started his initial enterprise of a one man press shop. Despite limited formal education and non-existent financial resources, his enterprise survived on his unlimited capacity for hardwork, his highly developed technical skills and craftsmanship of international standards.

He had but one goal, a modest ambition. He wanted his sons to be master of their destiny, to have a business set up of their own. Mr. Y. N. Chaphekar, a talented dia maker, he soon attracted the attention of the high and mighty of the auto and engineering industries.

Thus he gradually expanded his activities from die-making to manufacturing precision tools and sheet metal press parts for the industries.

Small wonder, he earned instant recognition not only for his expert craftsmanship but also for his sense of innovation. The Chaphekar Group earned the image of reliability and sturdiness of its products which have now become the hallmark of the group.